The Family Stone (2005)

January 24, 2011
3 mins

source: wikipedia

..beside being a trend-setter like Sex in the City‘s Carrie who’s secretly restless about her relationship with Mr. Big (at least that what I concluded from the last movie, not the most recent one) and Hugh Grant’s wife who struggled to divorce the man in another romantic comedy film (I forget the title)?

Here’s the answer: a very awkward young woman, though succesful and so on, when she had to meet her boyfriend’s family in Christmas. Her boyfriend, Everett (Dylan McDermott), who was eldest son. Before Meredith Morton arrived (to tell you the truth, I had no idea what she did for living. Not so clear), Everett’s younger sister, Amy (Rachel McAdams) had told everybody how she hated her and thought that Meredith’s a queer woman. Amazingly, I watched SJP becoming a quite rigid, trying hard to be a better-mannered woman, who even wore formal shirt in the kitchen. She cleared throat a lot, but not too often. Great.

Everett’s family gave Meredith a hard time. His mother, Sybil (Diane Keaton), his father Kelly, his young brother Tadd (he couldn’t hear well, but wondering why Meredith shouted every time she spoke to him), and his another sister, Susannah, who came home with her daughter. Only Everett’s brother, Ben (Luke Wilson – I really loved him here), who encouraged Meredith. He didn’t even blink when he saw that girl for the first time.

It was touching, how Everett defended Meredith and expressed his disappointment freely. It was kinda shocking, when Meredith said something wrong about the Stones support and love to Tadd. It was lovely, when Ben said to Meredith, “Just stop trying.” In fact, meeting some new people at a time (even though they’re your boyfriend’s relatives) are never easy, I think.

Anything could happen miraculously during Christmas. I guess that’s one of the messages of The Family Stone, especially when Julie (Claire Danes), Meredith’s sister, appeared. Suddenly I remembered her in another Christmas movie, The Holiday. It was difficult, still, to imagine Dylan McDermott as a ‘young man’ ready to get married, since his character as an older single person (Lindsay Lohan’s mother’s old time sweetheart) in Georgia’s Rule resides in my mind.


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