The Lake House (2006)

December 30, 2011
37 secs

What took me so long to pick this movie, though I already knew it five years ago? What made me wait?

Well, I don’t know. I figure, there’s right time for everything. It even took me around two weeks, or almost a month probably, to finish watching. Not that I’m not in the mood for such movie. Instead, I really enjoyed every bit of it. At first, the beautiful view. The awesome insight of lake house, a wonderful place I don’t know where to find. Made me wanna renovate my own room.

What else can I say? I loved seeing Keanu Reeves being a man in love. And Sandra Bullock seemed so beautiful. Yes, it might sound illogical, or say, it didn’t make sense at last. But in my opinion, it’s a fair ending for Sandra Bullock after Premonition and Reeves after Sweet November.

You know what’s funny? Two days ago, I just talked with an editor, saying that, “What’s exciting about knowing the future or what happens tomorrow? No surprise. We can’t change anything.”

Yet it’s a fascinating story about time traveling love.

Rate: 4,5/5


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