The Happening (2008)

January 06, 2013
2 mins

What crosses people mind first when something terrible happened? Terrorist, that’s to blame. How powerful they really are, invisibly messes people brain and make them jumping from a tall building or any other kind of suicide after babbling a little while.

That’s what this apocalyptic movie showed. Either we like to deny, either we are so good at pointing fingers. In several public areas, mostly parks, people committed suicide one after another. Eerie emptiness, smell of death, while a science teacher tried to make sense of the cause. Not a terrorist, not a nuclear leak as proposed by government through spreading news.

BTW, often I found Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon a bit look alike. Or a lot.

Wahlberg’s character (Elliot Moore) was quite unique. Don’t hurriedly judge a science person as less romantic before you find him wearing a mood ring. Elliot teased one of his students saying that he might not be a heartthrob anymore in 10 years without interest to science. Mixing romantic personal side, scientific thinking, and horror was this movie’s special point.

[spoiler] Though, considering his wife’s guilt, the one time affair was not hard to predict [/spoiler].

Wind and plants might sign danger, or became danger themselves. The story didn’t let me guessing easily. There was another attention stealing character, Mrs. Jones. An old lady living alone in an isolated place, though her house was big enough. Her attitude was kinda bizarre.

Elliot: How do you make contact with the outside world?

Mrs. Jones: I don’t.

Despite lots of bad reviews, I like this thrilling creative movie.

My favorite quote:

“There was a really good lookin’ pharmacist behind the counter, really good looking. And I went up and I asked her where the cough syrup was, I didn’t even have a cough, and I almost bought it. Now I’m talking about a completely superfluous bottle of cough syrup, which that’s like 6 bucks.”

Poster source: flixster

Rate: 4/5


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