Taking Notes

January 24, 2011
59 secs

If the editor thought that this book’s worthy (to be published), alright. If the editor trusted me to handle the translation, it’s an honor. I like to sneak peek over available reviews to find out what people like about the amazing story written by a Nobel winning author, also opinions from those who disliked it.

Here are several ‘complaints’ taken from Goodreads:

I guess I expected this work of genius and enlightenment or something. But, the language was so lyrical and written in old English style that it made for a difficult read. I kept having to stop mid-sentence to look up the millions of footnotes that are listed in the back of the book. I also had a hard time following the story.

It started out very slow, then I started to get into it a little based mostly on a historical/political analysis perspective, then it slowed to a crawl to the point where I had difficulty concentrating on it for more than 20-30 minutes at a time.

I found the language a bit difficult–not a fluid read, by any means, but an interesting one.

I liked it, I guess. I know I missed a lot of it. The language was so different than modern language that every once in a while I would just have a WTF moment and know that I had missed something earlier.

Guess, I know what to do. It’s clearer now:)


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