Menerjemahkan Seri Fantasi Anak Bahasa Prancis: Sakasavon

November 21, 2010
20 secs

The order came at the same time with Bumiku Masa Depanku, and I finished this one earlier. The funny thing was, package containing hardcopy material arrived at home when a client of ours was visiting (for business importance, of course). So I had to explain to him a few aspects of translating books for publisher, that until now is still a strange matter for many people.

Sakasavon was a little dragon breathing soap bubble, not fire. It’s a unique idea, in my opinion, to change children point of view that not all dragons are monsters. This miraculous creature had some friends with magical talents too, one of them was a fairy.

The stories were simple and the ending was similar, all of them. So I only needed three days to do the job. Later, the editor contacted me again and asked me to translate this French book into English. In short, Sakasavon‘s Indonesian version (consisted of four books) are bilingual:)


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