Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief (2010)

November 05, 2011
2 mins


I have no reason not to like this movie. Guess I watched it long after reading the whole book series on purpose. I know moviegoers (who don’t read) and some other people dislike the habitual fact of readers who can’t help to compare these two medias.

What can I say…? Percy’s cute. Logan Lerman looked like boys in comic book, I thought. Though I finished reading about a year ago, I could still remember the story when I watched this movie. It doesn’t happen often, especially referring to my awful memory, so it’s a good sign. I could recognize Grover the goatman (or goatboy?), and Pierce Brosnan was a right choice to play Mr. Brunner.

This movie showed us that fantasy, specifically young adult, was more than just fun entertaining story. Mas Agus commented, “So it’s about disappointed children?” I nodded. To my surprise, Catherine Keener became once again an unfortunate but tough mother.

Special effect was the most awesome point. Actions were highly enjoyable, we kept our eyes on screen while door was open and it rained hard (along with some lightning, probably). Plot was fast, that’s a must for me:D. Don’t forget young girls who’re not only beautiful, but strong and able to defend themselves. Well, Uma Thurman’s showed only a while, but she was as impressive as ever.

Our niece, a fantasy lover, would surely love this movie too. I feel like reading other Riordan series. How about the movie sequel? Yes, I look forward to it:)

Rate: 4/5


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