Behind the Book: Nello

November 21, 2010
17 secs

Actually, this was my first project from Read!. Please forgive my bad memory.

Just like other jobs, the first time was not so easy. I had to rewrite the material, and I did not reach the requested quota. Therefore, the editor covered the rest for me since it was time to continue another work.

I have mentionned some parts of creative process concerning this book in an article that you can read in Tersesat Membawa Nikmat. Briefly, I took a lesson that sad children story is not definitely forbidden. Instead, readers could learn realities of life, that there are poor people and that we should be grateful for everything we have.

A movie adaptation, A Dog of Flanders

Nello made me cry when I did the job, until the end. FYI, the original title was Dog of Flanders. This Ouida’s book has been filmed several times, since a long time ago.


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