Kutipan-kutipan Tentang Copy Editor

May 18, 2011
23 secs

Copy-editor makes sure that an author’s raw text, or copy, is correct in terms of spelling and grammar and is easy to read so that readers can grasp his or her ideas. A copy-editor also tries to prevent embarrassing errors of fact, alerts the publisher to any possible legal problems and ensures that the typesetter can do a good job. Dari sana

Copy editors are the grammatical gatekeepers, so to speak, of the media world. They read over stories — or, as the content is called in industry terms, “copy” — and check for everything from typos to errant commas. Dari situ

A copy editor reads a manuscript with care, querying or correcting errors in grammar, word usage or sense; resolving inconsistencies; and often marking the manuscript for the printer. If you enjoy reading and writing and have a great ear for language, you may enjoy being a copy editor. Sumbernya di sini

Copy editing is editing to ensure correctness, consistency, accuracy, and completeness. Ini sumbernya.

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