High Fidelity (2000)

January 01, 2013
4 mins

Thank God, I’m only 13 years behind:p Just kidding, I don’t mind being “out of date” in several things. I believe that every activity has specific moment for everybody.

When a junior high school classmate mentioned this movie title, I kinda thought of non-thriller movies wherein John Cusack became part of. Serendipity was fine, though, but looked like it’s not this actor cup of tea. Anyhow, it’s time to change perspective. For every rose has it’s thorn, slow pace of this “almost silent” movie was bearable still. I stayed until it’s finished.

One attractive point, of course, was the story. Mainly, what Rob Gordon did for living. He owned a record store, and his days appeared dull. He met two other music geeks every day, and they worked for him in Championship Vinyl. They’re Dick (Todd Louiso) and Barry (Jack Black). I must admit that this was the other nice point. Made me curious how these two eccentric actors collaborate.

It was not first time for Rob, being left by his girlfriend. It shocked his mother, since she loved Laura. She’s a lawyer and moved in with him for several years but things didn’t change a bit with him. I thought of something ordinary, like the other man or anything but High Fidelity was definitely not a typical romantic comedy. It’s based on an international best-seller book, which I found later on, written by Nick Hornby.

Rob tried to figure out what’s wrong. He talked himself out, thinking about his previous most hurting break-ups. Including some girl he dated at 7th grade (or 11th? Can’t remember). Some news for me: no matter how weird a man seems, he might still keep romantic things. If you consider painful break-up romantic.

Laura was in process of moving out Rob’s house. It became more interesting when Liz (Joan Cusack), Laura’s close friend, showed up. I giggled to see these siblings in a movie together. While Rob couldn’t help being bitter. But then something happened, changed his two workmates’ lives.

Once in a while, some books or movies didn’t impress me right away. They’re just okay, but when I remembered the quotes, songs, or others, on second thought I liked them more. Same thing with High Fidelity. It’s a loveable story of a restless man. It reminded me suddenly of another book of Nick Hornby, About A Boy. Haven’t watched the movie, BTW.

So did John Cusack do his best as always? Absolutely. This movie helped me thinking deeper about a man’s heart, a man’s mind, and how lovely when two people realize that they belong with each other. Quoted from Stevie Wonder’s song, one of the soundtracks,

“I believe when I fall in love with you it will be forever, I believe when I fall in love this time it will be forever…”

About the music thing, I learned about how tricky it was to compile a tape. Glad I’ve watched the movie first, though I don’t look for the book intentionally. This is, to me, a healthy way to separate two interpreting medias of a story.

Rate: 4/5

Poster source: wikipedia


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