Menerjemahkan Novel Sejarah Prancis: Virgin Mary

January 02, 2011
24 secs

This was my first French translation project.

And honestly, this was my first time finding a translated book being endorsed by Indonesian well-known authors, such as Seno Gumira Ajidarma.

I love the cover, I love the story, I love the writing style. It’s a different point of view about Mary, Jesus’ mother. Surely, I had to do research diligently. I asked some friends who even offered me a bible softcopy, but sadly, I couldn’t open it.

It was my first time that I had to keep googling, and I involved my young brother too during the process. I listed words and he looked for the meanings in my dictionary. That’s the ‘sad’ side about French translation, there’s no dictionary software to help.

Working on this book was hard enough, since I started in Ramadhan and I got toothache during Idul Fitri. But alhamdulillah, it was finished in one and a half month. Guess my endurance was much better that day, comparing to now.:D


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