Menerjemahkan Fantasi Anak Klasik: The Lost Princess of Oz

November 21, 2010
5 secs

My name was written ‘Riri Nurul’ but I was proud enough cause this book sale was quite good.

Obviously, this is a fantasy book, a genre that I hardly touch. But the story was light and easy to absorb for a beginner. It was amazing to know that there are good witch and bad witch.

The Lost Princess of Oz showed me that the statement of experiences authors, stating that even fiction should be logical, is unavoidably true. There were characters which never sleep, and do not eat/drink. It was important and interesting at the same time, for the author was aware that children/readers are not to be deceived.

Excerpt of that lesson was written by me in an occassion, called Apresiasi Dongeng in an online community, Apresiasi Sastra.


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