Menerjemahkan Seri Nonfiksi Anak

November 21, 2010
30 secs

Frankly speaking, I was amazed to be assigned as translator of this series two years ago. Children who wrote professionally were not as many as nowadays, so I kinda thought that the publisher, Tiga Serangkai, took a rather serious risk by translating these four books.

Editor sent the file in PDF. My dial up connection was terribly slow, so I had to wait until almost noon to download everything. The material was eye catching, I love the colorful pages, and it turned out that translating a pictorial book was not as easy as it seemed.

Why? I had to remark which phrase/word/paragraph belonged to which part. There were balloons, lines, and many other kinds of drawings. It was also my first time to translate poems (including rhyme and haiku). Difficult, but I love it until today. Besides, it’s not everyday you find a good nonfiction reading for children which is not too scientific. Even adults can learn to write from these books.

Alhamdulillah, two books of the series (I forgot which ones) passed national selection for a government project.


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