Definitely, Maybe (2008)

January 02, 2011
5 mins

Like books, it is normal if we sometimes find a not-so-entertaining-and even-boring movie. To me, the most important aspect is the story. But to tell you the truth, I spontaneously took this movie from a drama row in our favorite DVD store when I saw Ryan Reynolds as the main actor.

The moment is now, or exactly, just now. I need something to create so-called-romantic taste in my head which’s almost blown up by thrilling horror ideas, and I didn’t feel like reading. What’s Definitely, Maybe about, actually?

An ad agency employee, Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds), was quite shocked to find out that his only daughter, Maya just got a full day sex education at school. As soon as they arrived at home, Maya asked her dad to open up and tell a true story about how Will met her mother, whose name was not mentioned from the beginning. We’re only informed that Will and his wife’re gonna divorce.

Wisely, Maya listened to the story and allowed Will to change some names of girls he’d ever met before married. Long time ago, Will had to leave his college sweetheart, Emily (Elizabeth Banks) to pursue his dreams in New York. Will was part of campaign team for Bill Clinton. They only separated two months, but so many things happened and influenced the plan.

Will also met a pretty girl in the team, April (Isla Fisher) who honestly told him that she did not support Clinton. It’s just a simple job which paid higher than babysitting. I like April very much since she’s not only adorable, but she’s also witty. Their dialogues made me unable to blink even though it rained hard and I had to struggle to listen to what they said ( I don’t know what happened to Ceri, almost every DVD sounded not so clear, lately). One of my favorite scenes was when April pretended to be sleepy as Will told her how great Bill Clinton was, and so on, and so on. April replied, “Why do I always have to have opinion for everything?”

Emily asked Will to hand a special gift to her old friend, a very beautiful woman named Summer (Rachel Weisz). She’s a tempting and talented writer, who dated her thesis advisor, a well-known eccentric author, Professor Hampton Roth (Kevin Kline). Will was still thinking about Emily although these two girls were definitely hard to miss.

Life is not easy, also to find someone who could make us really happy. I guess that’s moral of the story. I do love the way Will conversed with his daughter. Maya understood so much and asked her dad not to cover anything. Even, she pointed out several things that never crossed Will’s mind. I love her room too, especially the blue blanket, and was touched deeply when Maya was fretted, “Where’s the happy ending? You two are gonna divorce!”

FYI, Maya should guess which woman was her mother.

Just like she said, it’s kinda mysterious love story. Still, Ryan Reynolds performed wonderfully, even much more better than The Proposal. I didn’t regret at all to pick this movie. You know what’s another impressive thing? When Will was in April’s house and found so many copies of Jane Eyre. That reminded me that I have the book and haven’t read any page of it.

Four stars for Definitely, Maybe. Just one question left: why Will and the others never looked different after so many years?

Conclusion: it’s never too late to be happy.

Rating: 5/5


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