Ya, Terjemahannya Salah. Terus Kenapa?

November 16, 2012
44 secs

Menemukan situs Sarah Dillon sangat menyenangkan, terutama postingannya yang mewakili suara hati saya sekian lama: Who Cares What Other Translators Are Doing Wrong?

Berikut nukilannya yang nendang banget:

Translator mailing lists are full of discussions about low rates, unqualified colleagues, unreasonable clients and unrealistic deadlines. (And when I say “discussions”, I mean complaints.) There’s nothing wrong with letting off a little steam from time to time, but I usually avoid these kinds of threads like the plague. What more can be gained from yet another indignant rant about how everyone else is doing everything wrong all of the time?
I prefer to focus on what other translators do well, to understand the nitty-gritty of their successes so I can think about how I might apply these techniques to how I do things. There are SO many translators who produce good quality work and earn a good living, without recourse to long hours, unethical practices or nervous breakdowns. The problem is we rarely hear about them – and why should we? They are busy doing what they do well and they don’t need to blow their own trumpets. If we truly want to raise standards in the industry, these are precisely the kinds of professionals we need to highlight.


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