The Rainmaker (1997)

January 06, 2013
3 mins

What’s the difference between a lawyer and a hooker? A hooker’ll stop screwing you when you’re dead.

So much for ethics, theories, and goodwill when Rudy Baylor (Matt Damon) found out what his job description was. In Bruiser Stone’s firm (Mickey Rourke make-up was awesome, I hardly recognized him), a lawyer-to-be (make it two with Deck, played beautifully by Danny De Vito) tasks included ambulance chasing. Selling out, or say, pushing legal services to injured people in hospital rooms. Looked like Bruiser Stone specialty was insurance lawsuit.

Rudy had no other choice, nowhere to go. His landlady, Miss Birdie, was sort of his parents replacement. Later the good woman became one of his first clients, trusting her will. It’s a tough case too for a lawyer. First, he’s being accused of wanting his name on it too. Second, the possibly surprising decision about who she would give her money to. Still, Rudy needed a job and prepared himself to the popularly known as difficult phase: bar exam. Even Deck had not passed it yet when they met and worked together. Interestingly, this man was a former insurance company employee.

The other client took his heart and energy more. Dot and Buddy Black who filed a lawsuit to Great Benefit, an insurance company, for denying their claim to cover their only son medical treatment. The only way to help Danny Ray, the poor leukemia patient, was bone-marrow transplant. Great Britain turned down Dot’s claim over and over, lastly with terrible written language. Of course, there was a proposal of settlement when they took it further.

Ambulance chasing took Rudy to meet Kelly (Claire Danes), brutally beaten by her own husband. The baseball hobbyist whose name I forgot instantly, even showed his harsh attitude in public places. Rudy had no heart to force Kelly into his firm legal service. He did realize for taking his cases personally. Every single one.

Without license, Rudy took over Black vs Great Benefit case for something happened to his boss. Accompanied by optimistic yet blatant Deck, he went to his first trial. It was not easy at all, but Rudy hardened his heart. Even, he intended to revenge when [spoiler] Danny Ray eventually died of his disease [/spoiler].

One cannot deny his conscience, obviously. I admired the small but essential role of Mickey Rourke. As Bruise, his recollection and knowledge were reliable. Great casting, even some moments appearance of Virginia Madsen was impressive.

This movie was emotionally moving, and definitely, I learned a lot more. It’s understandable why John Grisham said in an interview, that this movie adaptation was the best. Probably the most satisfying. Briefly, to watch this awesome movie, it’s never too late.

Poster source: flixster

Rate: 5/5


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