Task Switching

January 02, 2013
2 mins

Saya merenung ketika membaca baik-baik artikel Susan Weinschenk tentang The True Cost of Multi-tasking. Kiatnya menarik dan realistis. Menurut dia, bukan multitasking yang terjadi melainkan task switching.

#7: Go “off grid” to re-calibrate – Last year I spent a week “off the grid” on an island in Lake Michigan. No internet, no email, no cell phones. I spent time on my computer (updating my iPhoto albums, etc), but not communicating with anyone online. It was different, interesting, and strange. I was actually glad to get back to the grid. But the experience made me think. The major difference for me was that I stopped “multi-tasking”.

When I was off the grid I found that I started doing one task at a time. I would do one thing for several minutes, and in many cases several hours. I believe that being online encourages task switching. When you can go from email to chat to texting to twitter to phone to facebook you switch tasks more. When I was off the grid all my communication channels were gone. So instead I spent time with one task and with one program. One day I worked in iPhoto for 3 hours straight. I think this week off grid “calibrated” my sense of what normal task switching is.

Saya dan beberapa teman mengistilahkannya “jadi manusia”. Makin sepakat karena Susan pun berkata,

I have found since then that I do less task switching. I’m not perfect. I fall into it sometimes, but since my week of re-calibration I follow the guidelines above more easily. I also believe that I am less agitated.


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