Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You (2012)

January 07, 2013
3 mins

Long title? It’s often found in Italian movies, and other European ones, I guess.

Is being solitary odd? Yes, for James Sveck’s parents. They found him weird, as a 17 year-old boy only hanging out with his dear grandmother, whom he called Nanette. James had to agree to see a shrink (Lucy Liu). Rowena’s therapy session was fun. She took James running together, talking at open public places. She didn’t laugh though James wore hem when doing so. Rowena listened to all James said.

In fact, he was not kind of sociopath. At home, James was a sweet one. Sometimes he couldn’t keep his mouth shut, but he paid attention of his sister’s plan to write a memoir (though thinking that she’s way too young to do it) and took care of his mom’s (Marcia Gay Harden) broken heart since his newly wedded husband was actually awful. She just knew that during honeymoon. James didn’t push her talking to her own mother, he understood how her mom dislike Nanette.

James just liked being alone. He tried, though, as his father (Peter Gallagher) advise, to participate in an American culture class. James made his point of not willing to go to college at all. He tried to make friends, but the bitter truth of dizzy noises and harsh people made the young man decide that himself was more than enough.

You can’t run from things you don’t like. That’s not how life works. Tell me what do you want?

I want to die.

I watched this based on book movie emotionally. However young he was, James was not a fool. Being a loner is not a sin. I learned more about how confused and ashamed a young person could be, and just like Rowena said, “It’s okay to confuse.” Later James said, “If I’m crazy, what is everybody else?” Even his father did a plastic surgery.

As a young adult, of course James made an awful mistake. But his strength was admirable. I would remember this quote (more or less),

What should I do?

I hated when people say that. When they ask, actually they know what they want.

It slapped me, it did.


Poster source: flixster


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