More cheering sections and less critics

January 22, 2013
21 secs

Status Bonnie Grove ini saya temukan dari sharing page FB Novel Matters. Menyejukkan, sekaligus semoga menjadi rem saya.

The next time I read a book I think is badly written, or not up to my standard, or sags in the middle, or whatever, I’m going to remind myself that what I’m reading is a person’s attempt to create something. And that act of creation, that attempt alone is astonishing.
We’ve left ourselves in a world that will tear apart anything that smells of novice. But we’ve got it wrong. We need more cheering sections and less critics. We need more pom-poms and less pomp.
I need to be that fanatic encourager, for the sake of the art, yes, but more for my own sake. When I cheer for others, the clouds break above my head and I can begin to see the world as limitless. I begin to see that I too can dare to create something. That we can all be astonishing.


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