Meet Bill (2007)

January 07, 2013
5 mins

Let me tell you something. Life is discriminatory. Deal with it.

What possibly triggers an adult man relentlessness? Career, messy poor look, and low appreciation from loved ones? Life was indeed a tough competition for Bill (Aaron Eckhart). His beloved brother was a successful man, unlike him who had to work in his father in-law’s bank. His brother in law disrespected him, and suddenly Bill found his beautiful wife (Elizabeth Banks) affair with a news presenter, Chip Johnson. Felt like a joke, when Bill saw Chip billboard by the way, not too far from his own together with in-laws.

Bill was shocked enough to be blamed. His wife was mad cause Bill taped her “private” activity. While Paul, a math teacher who lived with Bill’s brother Sergeant, told him that it’s his own fault, for ignoring workout and eating sugar. Bill had to admit that he’s right, so he couldn’t refuse when Paul forced him back to swimming pool.

The one who truly changed Bill’s life was some kid he had to mentor (Logan Lehrman, we never knew what the character name was) as part of alumni program. His in laws and brother initiated the program (seemed so to me), so again Bill had to see those faces from time to time. The very confident teenager was blunt and frank, disturbed him sometimes but it was to him Bill could talk a lot of things. The kid introduced Bill to a beautiful underwear salesgirl, Lucy (Jessica Alba), in order to take her wife back and make her jealous. He also knew Bill tried to gain a doughnut store franchise.

Actually this apparently rich naughty boy (if I may say so) made me wondering. [spoiler] Where’s his parents? How could he be so free going anywhere? One of the clues was he paid others to do his homeworks [/spoiler]. Still, he’s helpful and witty. I laughed when he did something to Bill’s plan when he had to prepare a picnic since his father in law would run for mayor. But this one was most hilarious quote:

Let me tell you something, kid. Working sucks, okay? Working sucks! And it doesn’t matter if you’re in a bank, a department store or a doughnut factory, because once you’ve been there long enough, the only thing you’ll care about is when your next pay increase is, how many vacation days you’ve accrued and if your health insurance is gonna pay for the cholesterol medicine that keeps your heart pumping no matter how much **** you’ve worked through it. Then after you’ve gained 20 or 30 pounds because you’re so ****ng uptight all the time, you wake and discover you’re working for your father-in-law in a position with a gratuitous title and you’re totally replaceable. And not only is the new guy better at your job, but he’s got a better car and better jokes and better hair! So not matter what you do, you make sure you make a lot of money doing it because it all sucks!

I liked Bill cause he was not at all pitiful and “useless”. He tried to do something with his life, realizing how long he had wasted. In fact, his brotherhood with Sergeant was heartwarming. When Paul was upset for hearing Bill make some noises in the backyard, Sergeant said, “Let him have some fun.” [spoiler] I even kept wishing that Bill wouldn’t be back with his wife [/spoiler].

As an inspiring movie, I found this one a bit different. At last, Bill had guts to say [spoiler]

I’d like to tender my resignation, effective immediately. And I know my opinion is of little consequence to you, but, uh… I think hunting defenseless animals for sport is… it’s wrong. [/spoiler]

To me, it’s really good. Including clear message not to play with any materials that might be dangerous when some people spread it online.

Rate: 5/5

Poster source: flixster


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