Lakeside Cottage

November 20, 2013
48 secs

This was my first encounter with Susan Wiggs’ stand alone books. Material was good, actually. A promising conflict between a famous young man, who’s also a gorgeous guy, from things out of control, and a single mother whose life needed recovering (or rebuilding?) after being fired from her only job. The truth was, I’ve been growing out so fond of this author’s narrative series. It might be her best way to create wonderful story, since in this book too, her characters had much to bear. Things to think about behind and keep, also troubles ahead. It felt a bit long and slow when four main characters – let’s just say so – had issues and gathered in one single book. As always, Susan Wiggs enriched my vocabs. It’s not too hard to absorb her idioms here and there, without consulting any dictionary that might disrupt my fun relaxing reading. It amazed me how she seemed to never run out of words. Honestly, the one stole my attention in this book was Callie Evans, the blunt teenager. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still eager to find out what this author weaved in her other stand alone novels. Lakeside Cottage was somewhat light and likeable, especially some chapters before the end.


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