Kartun Motor: Berkah dan Bencana Motor

September 02, 2011
15 secs
Kartun Motor: Berkah dan Bencana Motor

Comic artists: Beng Rahadian, Vbi Djenggotten (Illustrator), Didie SW (Illustrator), Eko S Bimantoro (Illustrator), Norvan Hardian

Publisher: Nalar, 2011

Page: 104

There’s always a (new) story about motorbike. It’s ‘alive’ until today. Modified ones, old ones, brand new ones, no matter how they look, it’s one functional thing: to help us go somewhere else, cheaper than having a private car or getting on bus.

As one of so many persons going here and there on motorbike (not driving it, though), I was attracted to read this comic compilation. It offered many perspectives about those who trapped in traffic jam almost every day (you can tell, probably), humor, sarcastic mood, handling police strategy, and so on.

Still, I considered this book as an entertaining one. To read during leisure. But somewhere when I was kinda sleepy, a ghostly appearance in a strip shocked me…at night.

Read this, you won’t get killed.

Rating: 3/5


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