Blow (2001)

October 14, 2011
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Let me tell you one thing, I so dislike Penelope Cruz. It might sound silly, but I postponed watching this movie after a long while and felt like sneak-peeking this afternoon.

How surprising, the beginning struck me in awe already.

Being ignorant (read: didn’t bother to look at the synopsis), I never thought that Johnny Depp could perform such a way that touched my heart deeply. Not that I don’t like him all this time, I always do. And not that I support drug dealing and the likes, but the story opened up wonderfully. To me.

George Jung’s dream was only to be happier than his wrecked childhood. He could never forget how his mother acted in front of him, just because she felt that his dad didn’t try harder for the family. But George’s father stayed patient and kept loving his wife. When he was really bankrupt, his face never lost smile and he talked to his only son optimistically.

George moved out, away from his parents and started a brand new life. He played around with drugs and got into business, made a lot of money. His mother wasn’t satisfied at all. Even, she called police when George dropped by their house, saying that his son humiliated her for being a fugitive and drug dealer.

Almost half of the film, Penelope Cruz didn’t show up. I hoped that she had not played an important role. Well, looked like she did. Mirtha, George’s wife, was nothing less than a cheerful and happy sweetheart during bright days, but could not stand too long when their family was in trouble, after George’s old friend and partner doublecrossed him.

That’s life, that’s the wicked face of it. Moral lesson: Never do business with your friend. It hardly succeeds or even, ruins both sides.

Part that robbed my heart was George’s relationship with his only daughter, the one he loved so much and his reason to live. Blow delivered this message: no matter how bad a man is, he must love his child dearly. He longs for family warmth.

I couldn’t remember when(ever the last time) I saw Johnny Depp in this kind of drama. Still, he’s unique as he was in other films. And I just found out, almost in the end, that Blow was a true story. George Jung is indeed real. And alive.

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Rating: 3,5/5


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  1. on
    October 26th, 2011

    Never do business with your friend. It hardly succeeds or even, ruins both sides.>> ini dalem banget ya… Kadang pengen melakukan sesuatu (bisnis) sama teman, tapi ragu karena sering nemuin ini 😀

    • admin
      October 26th, 2011

      Aku juga sering mengabaikan dan mayoritas, ya gitu deh:D

  2. on
    October 26th, 2011

    Btw nggak suka Penelope Cruz ya, Mbak? Aku justru lagi suka ngeliatin wajahnya karena ada temen yang bilang, mataku mirip mata Cruz. Jiahahahahahahahaaha :))

    • admin
      October 26th, 2011

      Hahaha, ya mirip matanya aja gak apa-apalah, Nik.