Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (2009)

January 04, 2013
3 mins

When in doubt, don’t. But C.J. Nicholas (Jesse Metcalfe – John Tucker Must Die) didn’t bother. He felt so certain that his doubt of a tremendously brilliant lawyer, or say D.A, Mark Hunter (Michael Douglas) was worth as much as an instinct. C.J couldn’t let Mark get his way to become a governor. He thought that the man wasn’t honest enough.

Still, C.J. couldn’t ignore his crush to Mark’s assistant, Ella Crystal (Amber Tamblyn). It didn’t make him tell her everything, especially his plan with Corey Finley, his workmate, to create a bombastic story. As a reporter, C.J wanted so much to win Pulitzer no matter how risky their plan was. Together these two young men made up something to trap Mark and prove that he’s not as clean as he seemed.

But C.J. didn’t realize that he played with hotter fire, hotter and more dangerous flame than he thought he had known. [spoiler] When Corey ran to his apartment, then to the bank to gain the CD, all I could say was, “What are they thinking? It’s not easy, no possible.” [/spoiler]. The plan had gone too far, and he underestimated his opponents.

Then Ella was left alone, confused. In short time, C.J’s fate would change unless she could do something to prove his innocence. This was my favorite fast-paced part. Research and investigation. Ella, the tough lady, who as one of her friends said “know things that you don’t”, ran here and there. Trying to figure out those lain proofs his boss showed against C.J. She even went to a digital imagery expert and learned a lot. I enjoyed the explanation of metadata, pixel, and so on. Also the trial scenes, of course, though one word I absorbed the most was still, “Overruled.”

Was Ella totally alone, risking her life for the man she trusted? And why Mark Hunter appeared “shadowing”, though he was an important character here? Truth unfolded at last, surprisingly. Who’s to doubt, who’s to believe. Who’s honest, and who’s the biggest liar. [spoiler] Politic and law might be dirty, but media game is no less, at times [/spoiler].

Michael Douglas never ceased to amaze me. Along with this thrilling crime story.

Love me enough to trust me, can you do that?

Rate: 4,5/5

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