All Good Things (2010)

October 14, 2011
2 mins

According to wikipedia, the genre is romantic mystery.

The always sad looking but gorgeous Ryan Gosling here became David Marks, a lonesome man who couldn’t even pursue his only dream. That’s not new, I know. But the plot was breathtaking.

All Good Things was a store name, David Marks’ biggest dream. He was happy, he was with the girl he loved so much that soon became his wife, Katie McCormack (Kirsten Dunst). But this beautiful simple girl was his father’s weapon to challenge David and mock his choice. Briefly, they left their home and David worked for Marks Organization, the way her father always wanted.

All Good Things - ryan-gosling

It was not an easy job at all. But it subsidized Katie’s lifestyle, David thought.

Katie was perfect for him. “There’s nothing I do that she doesn’t like,” once he said to his buddy.

One day, Katie realized that she had no idea who his husband was. To be exact, when David refused to have child.

“You’re saying ‘not now’ or ‘not ever’?”

“‘Not ever’.”

The rest was, how can I say, heartbreaking. Silent, gloomy, bittersweet, quiet movie but thriller lovers recognize the indicators. The familier sign of something hidden.

And this film did not reveal them easily. Just watch to find out what I mean here. All Good Things is a beautiful sad movie.

I love mentally enriching drama, especially concerning family secrets like this one. No, this was not based on true story. Just inspired of missing persons cases.

Rating: 4/5


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