27 Dresses (2008)

January 16, 2011
3 mins

source: Wikipedia

I love romantic comedy, that was why I didn’t give up on Katharine Heigl. After her last movie (DVD, honestly) which title I couldn’t even remember, I picked this one. Just like reading a book, or chicklit, I like main characters that are not ‘perfect’.

What’s the problem here? Jane Nichols always said yes. She’s a nice girl, a sweet girl. She handled everything for the boss she’s in love deeply with (but unfortunately never knows), for her friends, and it turned out that Jane’s been a bridesmaid for 27 weddings.

The 28th, sadly, was her younger sister’s, Tess. A cheerful and beautiful young woman who’s just got back in town and attracted George, Jane’s boss from the first time he saw her. Of course, as a big sister who felt responsible and cared for Tess, Jane hid her broken heart and prepared things for the special plan.

Was Jane so poor and alone? Did she have no friends at all? No, this beautiful woman has caught attention of a writer, Kevin Doley (James Marsden) because of her unique life. Kevin was cynical when it came to wedding and stuff. Actually, his profession is another interesting value to this movie after I failed finishing to watch Best Seller, a Korean horror film about an author (not because it sucked, but it’s too horrifying).

Kevin had enough with writing some wedding stories, and wanted to try another. That’s why he showed up in surprising time and places. Still, it was so heartwarming when Kevin and Jane sang together. I did need fun and laughter, beside ‘adult’ touching love story. It was Kevin who encouraged Jane to learn to say no, and this scene made me giggle.

I love this movie so much. Not only entertaining, I also like Jane’s best friend (Casey, who’s considered as rude by Tess, but she admitted that this girl’s pretty). I smiled when she said, “You are shitting me! But if she crosses me, I’ll kick her ass.” Conversations between Kevin and Jane were witty (I love Kevin, too:)).

Kevin: What color is that – vomit?

Kevin: What about you? You don’t have any needs?
Jane: No. I’m Jesus.

(Quoted from there)

I won’t say anything about the ending. What Casey said is hard to forget, (more or less) “If what you did was right, you’ll feel better.”


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